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A message from the "Crypto with James" youtube channel:

"You don't need to know a thing about cryptocurrency if you copy someone who does"

Discover how over 1,300 people - many who know nothing about crypto or how to invest - are building rapid wealth for early retirement

There's a reason why everyone is talking about crypto. Not only can the right coins make you rich, but it's often quick and you don't need much money.

But you have to be careful. Because the wrong crypto will wipe out your wealth overnight.

This leaves only two ways to grow rich with crypto

  1. To research and invest until you feel confident in your ability, or

  1. Copy someone who does!

In a moment, I'll tell you what makes me think I'm worth copying. And I'll provide the evidence for you to make up your own mind.

If you disagree, then what I have to say will disappoint you.

But if I do impress you... as in really impress you... then I suspect this will be the most important letter you read this year.

Because I will do something which no other "crypto expert" has done until now:

Show you every investment I hold, along with every I make in future.

This will allow you to copy me exactly, and by doing so, make the same profits I do.

It will require no research, experience or understanding of cryptocurrencies whatsoever.

This will work the same way as when the lazy kid who hasn't studied copies from the test paper of the smart kid who did. If the answers are the same, then so are the results!

So. Let me introduce myself and let you decide if I'm worth your time.

Jack Sanders (Age 32, Maine, USA) turned $21,500 into $725,266 over 10 months

Art Wagner (Age 38, Bristol, UK) turned $3,100 into $57,133 in 8 months

Who am I - and why would anyone want to copy me?!

"Hello. Would you like to copy me?!"

Hi, I'm James McMahon and I run the “Crypto with James” Youtube channel - which despite heavy censorship - has over 13,200 subscribers and 750,000 views.

As of November 2021, I've made 342 videos with the aim to help regular people retire early by knowing which coins to best profit from.

I take immense pride in not mincing my words, and have recommended 26 coins for my viewers to invest in.

Had you invested $100 into each coin you would currently be in profit of $82,350.

(See below for proof with exact numbers and dates - all which you can verify on youtube)

Here's what one long time viewer has to say about me:

On the brink of retirement at 34

“James is the only crypto expert who is clear on which coins to buy and avoid.

The others don’t do this. They review every coin under the sun, but that just confuses me as I don't know how to pick one coin over another (which is all I care about).

I thank the universe I found James’ channel when I did, as his advice has put me on the brink of a very early retirement :)”

Phillip O'Sullivan

Age 34

Manchester, England

I have chosen 26 cryptocurrencies since starting my channel.

Had you put in $100 into each, you'd now have $82,350.72 profit

Having been a Maths and Statistics professor since 2012, I am particular about the coins I pick. And since starting my channel in February 2020 I've recommended 26 coins.

And unlike other "experts" I begin my videos by showing how all 26 have performed:

Snippet from an old video from my Youtube channel

It has left me with nowhere to hide. Had my picks performed badly (or even average) I'd have lost all credibility.

But this hasn't happened.

Had you put in just $100 in each coin when I released each video, your profit would be $82,350.72.

Here’s a breakdown of every coin I’ve recommended - with the price when I first spoke about it, along with the price as of 1st November 2021:

Notice my top coin 'Fantom' has gone up by over 550 times in value. This was not luck, because...

On 2nd June 2020, I singled out Fantom as “The best cryptocurrency of the year” when it was just half a cent per coin...

On 28th Oct 2021, Fantom hit $3.46 per coin - 692 times more than when I first said

It would be a mistake to think Fantom was a lucky pick among my 26 which happened to do the best.

No no.

I singled it out after a month’s worth of research among smaller coins to find one I felt would explode over a short period of time. 

Call me greedy, but my goal was to find me (and my viewers) a coin which would help us retire early off little money invested in the shortest amount of time possible. And after weeks of analysis, it became clear to me I had found my coin.

So on 21st May 2020 I released a Udemy course where I named Fantom as “The Number 1 Cryptocurrency of the Year” - with a bold promise it would rise in value anywhere between 50 to 100 times.

Keep in mind, there was barely an article or video on Youtube about Fantom when I said this.

It was an incredibly risky prediction for me to make.


Because had Fantom done badly... or been outperformed by any other coin, I would have looked like an idiot!

On Thursday 28th Oct 2021, Fantom peaked at $3.46 cents a coin. 692 times its original value!

Grab those calculators:

Because had you invested $100 it would now be worth $69,200.

$1,000 would be $692,000.

And $10,000 would be $6.92 million!

Video proof of the Fantom prediction:

[Recorded in March 2021 when Fantom had only hit 84 cents]

The good news is there will be coins which perform as good and better than Fantom. And should you choose to copy my investment strategy you too will reap it’s profits.

Listen, anyone can strike lucky and hit a winner from time to time, but only the really knowledgeable investors are able to look at a coin and pick out a loser. And I have done exactly this:

On 13th August 2020, I told everyone to sell YAM at $131 per coin because I hated everything about it....

The next day it crashed to just $0.78 per coin.


In August 2020 YAM was among the hottest coins in crypto. Everyone and their mother was buying and it’s price hit $131 per coin.

On 13th August 2020, I took the unpopular opinion and released a video telling everyone “to pull out their profits and sell that crap immediately”.

The next day YAM crashed to $0.78 - and became one of the biggest destroyers of crypto wealth in recent history.

It's all good and well making good crypto investments, but one bad one can lose you everything. And if your crypto expert can only spot winners and not the hype-backed losers, then don't expect to stay rich for long. 

Video proof of the YAM prediction:

Here’s my latest crypto prediction:

I’m often asked if the “golden age” of crypto is behind us. Which is understandable given how much profits have risen as of late.

This is complete horseshit.

We are on the edge of the greatest profit period in crypto history. Yes prices are up, but the same was thought when bitcoin hit $1,000 many years back!

Cryptocurrency is finally going mainstream, and you can see this with companies like Tesla, Morgan Stanley and Microsoft pouring billions into crypto.

Make no mistake about it. This is just the start.

Because in the next 6 to 24 months we will see profits which will dwarf anything seen so far. And those who know which coins to buy (and when to sell them) will come out millionaires.

But here’s the catch:

With so much money pouring in, this will be the final time we see profits as high as this. Once the money is in, the crypto market will stabilise and bring measly profits similar to that of the stock market.

So consider this a warning. You have one glorious opportunity to erase your financial worries for good. Don’t miss out.

Introducing “Copy My Crypto” - your chance to retire young by copying my every investment!

The next two years will see returns upwards of 100 times, with a genuine shot at over 1000 times. And I plan to milk every penny possible!

If you'd like to join me, and copy my every investment, then I invite you to join my "Copy my Crypto" membership club.

Inside I'll show you every coin I hold and send you live email updates 48 hours prior to when I choose to buy or sell anything.

It makes no difference if you know about cryptocurrency or not. All you have to do is mirror my every move.

(Membership also includes step-by-step videos on how to invest if you've never done so before)

No guesswork. No jargon. No confusion. Just profits!

It really is that simple. But to show you more, let me show you exactly how it will work:

1) You will have 24/7 access to my personal portfolio

When you join, you will gain instant access to the membership portal where you'll find a video with my portfolio. This isn't a theoretical portfolio. These are the EXACT coins I hold to build my personal wealth.  

Just decide how much you want to invest and split it into the same coins into the percentages I tell you.

You'll be shown step-by-step how to do this, but here's an example to help you understand:

Let’s say my portfolio is split 50% in Cardano, 30% in Ethereum and 20% in Polkadot. And let’s say you decide to invest $5,000. Here’s how much you would invest into each coin: 

Cardano - $2,500

Ethereum - $1,500

Polkadot - $1,000

Note: This is not even close to my real current portfolio. But you get the point.

2) You will be emailed the moment I decide to buy or sell coins

As the market changes, so do the best coins to hold. Which means I will sell (or reduce) the amount invested in one coin for another. Before I do, I'll send an email 48 hours in advance so you too get in at the best price.

(This is essential to making maximum profit)

Don’t think you need to be glued to your inbox and act within minutes of my email. That’s not how the market works. But I want you to get the changes made within 48 hours.

Note: I will give you a thorough explanation behind every decision I make. But it makes no difference if you understand it or not. The only thing that matters is you make the investments I tell you.

3) What if you've never invested a day in your life and have no clue how to copy me?

No problem. Inside the member's area I have a A-to-Z step-by-step video course to show you what to do. These are the same instructions I have sent close friends and family members who have been clueless too.

(The course is called "The idiot's guide to crypto investing" and it's yours for free when you join)

It really is that simple

That’s all there is to it. I have removed all the research, experience and guesswork required.

As long as you can follow instructions, you will make maximum profits!

Get 7 days full access for just $1

Offer expires at midnight on Thursday 9th December 2021

Normal price of membership is $99 per month.

I'm biased, but I'm told my record speaks for itself, and assuming your goal is to retire young then this is an investment - not a cost.

However, for one week, until midnight on Thursday 9th December 2021, you can test-drive the membership for a full 7 days for just $1.

If it disappoints you, simply email me at and your membership will be cancelled on the spot and your $1 refunded - no questions asked.

And should you love it, and find that it's growing your wealth as described, then you need do nothing and your membership will continue at the reduced rate of just $49/month.

That's a saving of $50 every month - and the price is locked in for as long as you choose to stay a member.

What’s more is you can cancel anytime. Cancel the same day if you like.

But understand this offer will end at midnight on Thursday 9th December 2021. And once gone, the offer will not return.

So don't waste another second. Click the "Yes I want to join" button to get started now.

Here’s what others have made from following my past advice on Youtube:

Below are fans who followed my advice on Youtube. The profits shown are those solely from coins I recommended - and in which they would not have invested in otherwise.

Keep in mind, most people don’t want their photo online, but they’ve been kind enough to share their success because that's how my advice has changed their lives. (I hope that says something in and of itself)

Take joy in knowing the profits below were made off just a fraction of what I know. 

When armed with my full investment strategy it’s fair to say you’ll make a fair bit more!

Carl Reyes (Age 28, Arizona, USA) turned $2,300 into $66,133 in 9 months

Jonathan Pricewater (Age 46, Toronto, Canada) made $22,500 into $283,847 over 7 months

Anna Weber (Age 52, Kiel, Germany) turned $1,730 into $26,875 across 8 months

Nikolas Studer (Age 48, Lucerne, Switzerland) turned $35,000 into $416,346 in 6 months

Rene Diazengo (Age 33, Quebec City, Canada) turned $4,500 into $18,712 across 7 months

Matt Theron (Age 35, New Jersey, USA) turned $3,200 into $56,133 across 6 months

Anya Merza (Age 29, Amstetten, Austria) turned $1,300 into $36,850 across 9 months

Robert Tomlinson (Age 36, Cork, Ireland) turned $27,350 into $598,641 across 10 months

How to get started

It’s easy to start and takes less than 60 seconds.

Click the orange "Yes, I want to join" button below to be taken to the secure checkout form at the bottom of this page. Simply enter your regular details and place your order for $1.

Once you do, you’ll be redirected to the member's area (pictured below). Inside you'll see a video detailing exactly what I hold, along with instructions on how to invest.

Inside the member's area

You will also receive an email from, with login details so you can access everything in future.

It's as simple as that!

If you’re unhappy for any reason at all with your purchase (or no reason at all), let me know and I’ll refund you in full.

No fuss. No questions. Just a refund.

Seriously you’re the boss. If it’s not to your liking, email me at and you'll have your money back within 48 hours.

Oh, and you’ve got 60 days too – so life won’t get in the way if it’s not for you.

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I guess I've said all I can.

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