The r/internetmarketing subreddit named us “the highest converting affiliate program of 2022”

As seen on Youtube, the ‘Copy my Crypto’ affiliate program pays you:

A recurring income of $15 per person - per month - for life

Few programs pay more per sale.

None convert better.

Try us out and prove us wrong

How many times has an affiliate scheme said it converts like crazy, only to find out it doesn’t?

And it should have been obvious. Because the product you’re being asked to promote isn’t something you’d buy yourself.

So I’m going to say something every other affiliate program has said before:

“This affiliate scheme sells like ice cream on a hot summer's day”

But how can you verify it?

Well it sure as hell ain’t me sharing screenshots of conversion numbers or affiliate testimonials. Those can be faked (and often are).

This means there is one, and only one, way to gauge if I’m telling the truth. And that’s to: 

Ask yourself “Would I buy this?”

If the answer is "no", then it's foolish to think it'll sell for you.

But if you answer "yes", then there's no better proof others will buy too. 

Assuming the latter, it means your job as an affiliate marketer is reduced to getting others to click your link. After that, the product will sell itself - and you'll pick up commission on a recurring monthly basis.

So let’s start there.

Let's test if the 'Copy my Crypto' membership site is something you would buy.

So set aside a few minutes and go to and read the page now.

As you read, pay attention to how you feel as you read the page.

And ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1) Does it sound believable?

2) Is it different from the other internet marketing offers online? And most importantly,

3) Would you buy it?

If you said no, then fair enough. Feel free to stop here, and genuinely, thank you for your time.

But if you said yes, then that's the best proof others will too.

And when they do, you will be paid a recurring income of $15 per person - per month - for life.

Why does ‘Copy my Crypto’ sell so well?

‘Copy My Crypto’ is a simple proposition. It shows you every coin youtuber James McMahon buys and sells - allowing you to copy him.

It’s like having a big brother who knows what he’s doing. You don’t need to know a thing about crypto - or how to invest - as you simply copy what he does.

This appeals to people because:

  • People know there’s a lot of money in crypto. You don’t need to do a selling job to convince them of this.
  • Most people don’t want to learn about crypto. They find it boring, too complicated or simply don’t have the time.
  • ‘Copy my crypto’ is sold by the ‘Crypto with James’ youtube channel which has over 22,000 subscribers. James releases an average of 12 videos a week and is not some faceless corporation. This trust factor equals sales.
  • James’ track record is public and can be verified on Youtube. No blind faith is required.
  • James has become somewhat of an internet celebrity. He’s been a guest on a number of major shows - including a dedicated interview on the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast (whose past guests include Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone and Tim Ferriss)
  • Membership comes with a full 60 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee. We honour this every time. Either someone loves the membership or they leave with a full refund.
  • Crypto is growing. It’s not going anywhere.
  • $49 per month is cheap if you believe you’ll make far more. And with the heaps of verifiable proof of James’ past record on Youtube this becomes a no brainer to try - and stay on month after month.
  • We’ve spent over $60,000 on copywriters and split testing the page to get the highest conversion possible. Don’t let the “ugly” nature of the page fool you. We’ve tried ‘prettier’ looking pages and this is by far the best converting layout and copy.

This means the amount of work needed from you will be minimal. No hard sells are required as the product is already something people want.

You’re free to promote the scheme as you wish. But as the sales page sells itself even a simple pitch such as the one below works well:

“Hey guys, there’s a site called Copy My Crypto where you can copy every coin youtuber James McMahon buys and sells. His track record looks pretty damn good in my opinion but go to the site and decide yourself.”

Some proof of how well CmC converts 

(and how much current affiliates are making)

This makes CmC essentially a “pay $49/month to make more, without any work” deal. But it’s credible and backed by proof (something which can’t be said of ‘get rich quick’ schemes).

It means two things:

1) It has true mass appeal. It’s for anyone who wants more money -which is virtually everyone.
2) The ‘Copy my Crypto’ sales page converts higher as a result.

The latter is not my opinion. It’s others who say this. Here’s 3 examples:

  • The r/internetmarketing subreddit on - a community first created in 2008 - called us “the highest converting affiliate program (by some distance) of 2022”
  • We have dedicated posts from members across most affiliate marketing forums raving about how we convert 10 to 50x better than other schemes they’ve tried.
  • A number of our affiliates have changed their entire business model to solely promote Copy My Crypto. Below is a screenshot of one such site (which is active now):

[Site name blurred out to protect identity. Prior to promoting us the affiliate had never made more than $300 in any month. He now makes over $5,000 a month and quit his office job in June 2022]

Is there any limit to how much you can earn?

No. It’s as simple as $15 per person - per month - for as long as they stay on.

Here’s a table of what can be made:

No. of members you sign up

Your recurring monthly income









Can you get a free trial membership to check you’re happy to promote it?

Yes. All we ask is you provide some proof of past affiliate success - or that you have a decent sized email list, youtube channel or social media audience.

(We ask this because some people just want a free membership - with no intention to be an affiliate)

Simply email and we will get a free membership sorted for you.

Will you be paid on time and in full as promised?

Yes always.

If this works then both you and 'Copy my Crypto' make money. 

Nobody likes to be messed around and you will be paid 30% of every customer you bring in - in full - and on time - without fail.

What about the 60 day money back guarantee?

Each member who signs up as a member gets a 60 day money back guarantee. You will have to wait for that to pass.

However, once it does you'll will be paid 2 months of commission. And after that it's every 30 days.

How will you know how many people have signed up?

And how can you be sure no member is missed?

You will be given a unique URL to promote which has tracking software on the page.

You will receive login details where you can see:

  1. Everyone who visited the link, and 
  2. Everyone who bought

You will know exactly how many people have bought - and see how much you’ll earn.

Is there any risk on your part?

None whatsoever.

We’re here to pay you - and don’t require any investment on your part.

You’re free to trial the scheme and see how it goes. If you’re happy with the results, then carry on. If not, you’re free to stop anytime and call it a day.

Are there any upsells - and do you get commission on this too?


Yes. We offer a 12 month upsell for $397 - which rebills every year.

You will get the same 30% commission on this too. This works out to $119.10 per person - per year - for life.

Again we’ve split tested the upsell script over and over again. On average, 23% of people take it.

9 reasons to become a 'Copy My Crypto' affiliate:

1) Highest converting affiliate scheme on the internet

If you've made it this far it means you've read the sales page and would buy it yourself. That's the best proof others will too when you promote it.

It's probably why our affiliate program has dedicated posts on a number of affiliate forums and the r/internetmarketing subreddit who called it "the highest converting affiliate program of 2022"

2) From a trusted and proven Youtube channel

Copy my Crypto is sold by James McMahon from the “Crypto with James” youtube channel - which has over 22,000 subscribers.

The fanbase has grown on the quality of content alone.

3) Guaranteed 30% recurring commission - for life

‘Copy my Crypto’ costs $49/month - of which you will get $15/month for every user you sign up.

We also give every person a one-time offer to upgrade to an annual membership for $397 (which roughly 23% take)

If they take it you get $120 - and this also rebills every year they stay on.

In short, we guarantee a minimum of 30% of every penny we make for each person you sign up.

4) Complete passive monthly income

Once someone signs up we take care of all the customer support and content delivery.

You literally have nothing to do from that point onwards - and we will pay you every month.

5) No minimum payment threshold

There's no trick. We'll start paying you via PayPal from when you make your first sale.

No gift cards, coupons, discounts - we pay real money.

6) Analytics

You will get login details where you can see the traffic you send our way, the sales you make and the commission you're paid.

We give you the statistics - with full transparency.

7) 365 day cookies

Most affiliate schemes give you credit for commission if someone buys within 30 days of clicking your link - or at most 60 days.

We give you 365 days.

Our goal is to pay you - not squabble over time limits.

8) Free ‘Copy my Crypto’ membership

We’re happy to give you a free membership to ‘Copy my Crypto’ to check you’re happy to promote it. We don’t sell crap and happy to prove it.

All we ask is you provide some evidence of your affiliate success to

9) No limit to what you can make

Some affiliate programs have special disclaimers. E.g. you only get paid 6 months commissions even if the member you signed up stays on for 10 years!

We don’t do this. We pay you every month a user you signed up stays on - and there’s no limit to the number of people we’ll pay you for.

How to sign up as an affiliate 

(takes 30 seconds)

If you’re happy with what you’ve read, simply click the “Sign up” button below.

You’ll be asked to fill in a basic form after which you’ll get immediate access to the affiliate area where you will find:

  1. Your affiliate link to promote 
  2. Real time analytics for every click, sale and payout you get

That’s it.

There's no risk. Either you earn a healthy recurring monthly income or walk away having lost nothing.

Click the ‘Sign up’ button below to get started - and here’s to a profitable long term relationship :)


Ravi Kay

Copy My Crypto Affiliate Manager

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